Guest Editor of Wallpaper*

Starck – October’s Guest Editor for Wallpaper*

Philippe Starck designs the front Cover of Wallpaper*

The October 2009 Wallpaper* magazine was edited by Philippe Starck and Karl Lagerfeld. Wallpaper* is my favourite magazine, so it’s quite fitting that my favourite designer and favourite magazine join forces and create something great. Both designers are at the top of the their game and are an excellent choice in my opinion. Each designer got to design their own cover for the magazine. Both are incredibly innovative, creative and slick.

According to Wallpaper*

Lagerfeld wanted a ‘peel and reveal’ sticker to coat his cover, showing his muse Baptiste Giabiconi fully clothed in a Dior Homme suit, which peels off to reveal the model in the same pose completely nude behind. “It took about two months to get right,” says Pritchard. “We had to be careful using a sticker of that size, first that it didn’t take the paper or print behind off and second that you could put it back on.” They did this by laminating the cover underneath and using a vinyl material, called a Yupotako Sticker, which has a static, resealable stick rather than glue and, given machines couldn’t get it right, each sticker had to be positioned by hand.

Pretty impressive. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! It’s incredible that each cover was in essence hand made. Here’s what Wallpaper* had to say about Starck’s cover:

Starck’s cover is similarly ambitious and involved equal amounts of experimenting to get it right to his exacting specifications. A visual incarnation of the questions on evolution he asks his chosen panel, his cover involves three sheets of tracing paper, over a blank silver cover: the first sheet has an amoeba (drawn by Tobatron), representing life 4 billion years ago, the second a monkey (drawn by HelloVon) which represents today. The third sheet has a diffused question mark (by GBH, who helped facillitate the design of the whole cover with Starck and Wallpaper*) representing the unknown about life 4 billion years from now.

The main challenge for the team was to keep the inserts (each sheet of tracing paper, and the silver cover is a separate insert) together with enough glue so when the magazine is repeatedly opened, the sheets didn’t fall out. As important was making sure the outer layer didn’t crinkle, as tracing paper is prone to do, alleviated by doubling the thickness of the outer layer.

What I love about Starck’s cover is that it is philosophical, thought provoking, creative and intricate. Plus the monkey is a symbol of his new venture with SLS Hotels.

Both covers are a massive achievement of technical and creative skill – innovative, eminently collectible, entertaining and beautiful. Wallpaper* is such an innovative magazine and has really pushed the boundaries this time. I wonder if they intentionally coincided the collaboration with Starck just as his new Reality show is coming out. I’m sure they were aware that it would boost sales. I think the combination of Starck editing this issue of Wallpaper* and Starck’s Reality show will make Starck even more famous than he already is. People who don’t know about him, definitely will after tomorrow evening. I think Starck’s stardom is going to shoot through the roof! Also watch the video below.

starck and lagerfeld Guest Editor of Wallpaper*

Starck’s Wallpaper* Cover

wallpaper Guest Editor of Wallpaper*

starck wallpaper1 Guest Editor of Wallpaper*

Lagerfeld’s Wallpaper* Cover

lagerfeld Guest Editor of Wallpaper*

lagerfeld starck Guest Editor of Wallpaper*

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